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Engage in thrilling broadside battles and take command of your captain as you board enemy ships from an on deck perspective!

Items in the game:[edit | edit source]

Melee Weapons:[edit | edit source]

Weapon Cost Where
Sword 900g -
Club 1,000g -
Cutlass 1,000g Aarnau
Axe 1,100g -
Warhammer 1,300g -
Longsword 1,300g Aarnau
Rapier 1,500g Aarnau
Giant Blade 4,800g Marienburg
Mace of Striking 5,500g Aarnau
Obsidian Blade 6,000g Aarnau
Megalodon Tooth Axe 29,500g + 1 Megalodon teeth Belmoz or Mousillon
Behemoth Horn Sword 30,500g + 1 Behemoth Horn Aarnau or San Pedro Del Sur
Black Leviathan Tooth Sword 32,000g + 1 Leviathan teeth Hargendorf or Luccini

Guns:[edit | edit source]

Gun Cost Where
Handgun 1,000g -
Blunderbuss 1,500g -
Hochland Long Rifle 3,000g -
Repeater Handgun 3,000g -

Shields:[edit | edit source]

Shield Cost Where
Small Shield 1,500g -
Shield 1,900g -
Bronze Shield 2,800g -
Heavy Shield 3,500g -
Promethean Carapace Shield 29,000g + 1 Promethean carapace Tobaro
Black Leviathan Scale Shield 30,000g + 1 Leviathan scales Chantillon, Los Cabos
Kraken Beak Shield 31,000g + 1 Kraken Beak  ?
Black Leviathan Eye Lens Shield 32,000g + 1 Leviathan eye Marienburg